Saturday, July 15, 2017

WBI: Witches Bureau of Investigation | Richard Capwell


Nate and Herman's mom has been gone for several months. The police have given up and their dad is a shadow of his former self. When the boys help an eccentric woman, Mrs. Weatherby, who claims to be a witch, she offers to help them out. Unfortunately the location of their mother is hidden by a Malignancy Shroud which can only be set up by a bad witch with a very powerful relic that was supposed to be locked up. Mrs. Weatherby and the boys must find this bad witch if they are to find the boys' mother.


This was such a good read. It really reminded me of the adventure books I read when I was a kid and was interesting enough to hold my attention as an adult. I have to agree with some others who have read this book that this would be a good one for grandparents to read to their grandkids. Mrs. Weatherby's personality is a great balance to the 11-year-old twins'. They're each reflective of their generation without it being insulting or overly silly to either party.

The magic of this world was very interesting. It integrated easily with technology and was usually meant more for practical things. I definitely want my own version of Mrs' Weatherby's license plates, "they're very special plates...There's always a parking spot exactly where I need it." And Doris' ability to mix her crystal ball with the Internet was a wonderful blending of science and magic that I'd love to read more about. I also liked that there were different animals as familiars with different strengths of their own. One of them was a giant praying mantis! I'd never heard of a praying mantis as a familiar before!

I really enjoyed this book and will be looking to get the second one. It's a book of clean fun that's good for all ages. If you like light-hearted stories about magic in the real world, pick this up and enjoy! 4 hoots!



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