Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dewey Read-A-Thon | 5 AM Update

Okay, I only gotta stay up reading for 3 more hours. I'm getting a lot of support from other readers on Twitter (seriously gotta love the reading community). I'm not sure what to say for an update so I'm going to give you my page counts. 

Keep in mind, I don't count one comic strip as one page so I will give you the number of strips read and then the converted page count for the three web comics I've been reading.

Romantically Apocalyptic - 268 strips (134 pages)
Yosh! - 777 strips (259 pages)
The Devil's Panties - 3,332 strips (833 pages)

I'll admit, part of me is tempted to cut back the count on The Devil's Panties because the majority of the strips are one line or less so maybe I should divide by 8 instead of 4, but I'll make that call AFTER I've gotten a fair amount of sleep. Let me know what you think.

In the meantime:

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  1. For TDP, I'd go for dividing by 7. One week is usually enough content and context as a book page.