Review Policy

Okay, so here are some of the basics for what I will/will not review, as well as a basic description of my ratings.

My Review Requirements:

I try to keep an open mind when I am asked to review books, games, puzzles or recipes. I'm even willing to do some Beta Reading. However, I will not read everything that is sent my way. Here are some rules:

1) If you are looking for a beta reader rather than a review, please say so up front. Otherwise I will assume that you are sending me an unfinished book for review and I will not read it.

2) I do not read romance, historical fiction, or thrillers with a few exceptions. If your book is of these genres, I cannot guarantee that I will want to read it and I like to review books that I want to read.

3) For video game reviews, I will gladly take suggestions, but my preference will be for smaller, quick games, not in-depth, story driven games.
      a) However, for bigger games, Fluxxdog may review those in my place.
      b) No RL sports games will be played by either of us.

4) For recipe reviews, I will also happily take suggestions, but I have very strict budgetary requirements for my food (and have to share with two other people) so I cannot guarantee that I will try it out.

My Rating System:

Admittedly this is book specific, but I'm sure you can see how they would apply to recipes and games.

1 Hoot! - I couldn't finish this book. But at least the cover art/story synopsis was interesting enough that I picked it up.

2 Hoots! - I had to force myself to finish this book. I wanted to give up several times and still wish I had. But the author/hype still got me to finish.

3 Hoots! - Easy/Interesting enough for me to get through. Might not be my genre or my favorite, but I still liked it enough to complete the book without complaint. Good job!

4 Hoots! - Very good read! I recommend this to anyone who likes this genre. Happy to read the whole thing. I would definitely re-read this book.

5 Hoots! - I recommend this book to EVERYONE regardless of genre! I will buy this book! I will re-read this book a hundred times and still not get enough!

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  1. Well, Hi, Rachel. I received a twitter notice that I might like to hook up with Blogger's Books. I did so and then found you as an individual reviewer, who takes my genre. I do have crossover appeal into the younger crowd because my publisher asked me to write that way. I'll leave my email here and then try a regular email to you to describe what I have. I swear, I've never seen such a review glut in all my life. You people are being overworked and assaulted every day by authors and writers.

    Have a wonderful Easter!