Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dead Eye: The Skinwalker Conspiracies by Jim Bernheimer


In this sequel to Pennies for the Ferryman, Mike Ross is traveling through the American Southwest in a search for the Skinwalker who kidnapped his father. Along with his travel companion, Father Silas, the two help ghosts at great personal cost to Mike.


Bernheimer is a master at keeping things realistic, even in the face of the supernatural. Using Mike Ross as the narrator, there were several times that his voice made me laugh because of his cynical nature. The characters were so natural in their reactions and dialogue. And there was nothing in this book that felt out-of-place or unnecessary. I rushed through the last few chapters of this book because the battles were so intense!

If you like ghost stories, or alternative perspectives on history* you will love this series. Bernheimer is a wonderfully fun author! I give this book 4 hoots!


*Lee Harvey Oswald was technically innocent. He was possessed! 

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