Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nintendo Book Tag

Once again, I'm going with a book tag inspired by BooksAndOtherNerdyThings. I haven't played anything Nintendo in so long, but it used to be my main platform. Though there were a few years when I was a Dreamcast fan. Anyways, if you want to participate in this book tag, feel free leave a link in the comments! Let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices.

1) NES - A classic book you want to read.

War and Peace. I have tried several times to read this book and failed all of them. I can't get past the first few pages but I do really want to. Chances are good, in order to get through this book, I'm gonna have to have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. And even then I'll probably choose boredom over reading at times.

2) SNES - A sequel you liked better than the first.

Tropic of Serpents. It kinda surprised me that I would like the second one so much since I thought the first book was only so-so. But the main character was so much more developed and interesting in the 2nd book.

3) Nintendo 64 - A book that revolutionized the way you look at the world.

Dragonsinger. I'll admit, there's nothing overly revolutionary about this McCaffrey book, but it was the first book I read that was fantasy/sci-fi. The Harper Hall Trilogy in general was a gateway to the realms of high fantasy and science fiction. This book took me from just being a bookworm to being a geek.

4) Gamecube - A popular book that didn't go over so well with you.

Twilight. This is the first book that I can remember that was incredibly popular but I didn't care for. A friend of mine loaned it to me saying that I was going to be done with it in one night and begging for the next book. About a week later I give it back to her and said "that's okay. I've read enough of this series now. Thanks."

5) Wii - A favorite new book.

The Fold. There is no question that I am a Peter Clines fan girl so it should come as no surprise that I pick his most recent book for this tag. I just can't get enough of his sci-fi horror books!

6) Nintendo Power - Favorite graphic novel series or series you want to start.

The Goon. Definitely not for everyone, but if you have an appreciation for dark humor and 1930's noir, you may want to give this series a go. It was the series that got me into comic books while I was in grad school and I haven't gone back. 

7) Super Mario - A character you'd love to squish like a Goomba.

Agent John Smith from the Ex-Heroes Series. His power is so frustrating and his use of it so evil, there is no one I'd rather squish like a Goomba. I scared my husband once because of the sound I made when he used his power and the victim couldn't do anything to fight it.

8) Zelda - A newer fantasy novel you consider a modern classic.

Harry Potter. I didn't enjoy this series as much as others, but I cannot deny the influence it has had on the literary world. 

9) Samas-Aran - Favorite Sci-Fi novel or one you want to read.

It's too difficult to pick a favorite, so I'm gonna go with one I want to read: Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4). I have enjoyed the entire series so much more than I thought I would, so I'm really, really, really, really, looking forward to the last book. 

10) Pokemon - Book editions you want to collect.

Ex-Heroes. I want every book in the series and I want them in every format. Except maybe audio books, but that's just me.

11) Donkey Kong - A book with original characters.

TwoKinds. Okay, so, technically this isn't a book, it's a webcomic, but it's great reading material so I'm counting it! Fischbach, the author, started this webcomic when he was still in  high school and I absolutely love how much world building he's done in the past 11 years. The characters have grown and matured, but they are still wonderfully true to their original selves. 

12) Nintendo Fandom - Favorite Nintendo game(s) you really want.

Regardless of the platform, I will always, ALWAYS, want a copy of Tetris. I am a Tetris girl for life!

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