Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Command Is Forward | Alexander Woollcott

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A reprint of the Stars and Stripes newsletter written during World War II to build the morale of the AEF (American Expeditionary Forces) in 1918. 


I knew I was reading a different kind of book when I saw the copyright date, 1918. That's the beauty of books and their ability to time travel. The Stars and Stripes was created with purpose of unifying American soldiers spread throughout the battlefront in Europe. It was considered to be a rounding success. After reading these stories, I can see why.

Every story recorded is incredibly inspiring, even those that are less than jovial. There are stories about the different roles that soldiers perform and how each one supports the other. From runners risking life and limb to pass messages to observation pilots getting shot in the air. From engineers building makeshift bridges to gunners forcing the enemy to flee. Almost every story in this collection is about the camaraderie. There are stories about men giving up their rations for the wounded. Stories about men in charge doing dangerous jobs because they wouldn't ask their men to risk their lives.

At the same time, there are also stories about French refugees returning home and rebuilding. About the reception they gave the soldiers who pushed back the German Army. The personal stories were just as moving as the group stories.

This book is not just for fans of history or World War II buffs. This is a book that people of almost all walks of life can be inspired by. Not necessarily inspired to join the armed forces, but inspired to view America in a new way. The way the final installment of The Stars and Stripes says the soldiers did when they were finally able to return home.


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