Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dewey's Read-A-Thon | 11 AM Update

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Hello and Happy Read-A-Thon!!!!!

Just starting hour 3 here and taking a break. I've read the first 800 or so strips from the web comic The Devil's Panties and am still only in the early 2000's section of the archive! It's a lot of fun to read but, I may need to switch to another web comic soon if I want to read any others in the next 20 hours. 

If I do switch to another web comic it'll probably be Romantically Apocalyptic. The one I had intended to start today off with. But, like all Read-A-Thons my morning did not go as planned. I woke up a couple hours early. I ended up having to cook breakfast at the last minute. Things like that. But I am reading and that is all that matters. 

Hope you're having a fun Read-A-Thon!!!!

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