Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dragon Road | Joseph Brassey

*Image and book provided via NetGalley for an honest review.


In this sequel to Skyfarer, we continue following the story of  Aimee de Laurent and Elias (formerly Azrael). Harkon, Aimee's teacher, is asked to help the proceedings for a new captain of Iseult where competition is almost literally cutthroat and no one candidate has enough support. They end up being embroiled in a conflict between an ancient, necromanctic evil working its way through the ship and trying to destroy everything. 


This was such a fun ride! I have never before read a book that made me wish my commute was longer so I'd have more time to read. This was such a wonderful follow up to Skyfarer. We get to find out so much more about the mechanics of the world and how the engines and crystals work. And we get introduced to so many more aspects of the world and it almost completely takes place on one ship! Admittedly the Iseult sounds comparable to the size of a huge city. If this one ship is any indication of the rest of the world, we've learned a lot about it.

For a book that takes place in space, it really is more fantasy than science fiction. The entire book I kept thinking about how cool this would be as an anime. Seriously! The entire Iseult, the magic, the mechanics of this world, they'd be perfect for an anime series. Not to mention the squittens! Oh my gosh, the squittens! A combination of cat and squid, these creatures almost made me belly laugh while I was reading on the bus! 

The character interaction was, to me, spot on. Elias has a complete history of darkness and death so I was very happy to see realistic reactions from the crew when he's accepted on board. He isn't immediately ingratiated, it's something that has to be earned. Meanwhile we get to learn a lot more about the rest of the crew as well. Poor Vlana getting vertigo whenever she's on world. Clutch's promiscuity. Seeing how much of a mechanical genius Vant truly is. This crew is amazing and the more I learn about them, the more I want to read.

This is a wonderful sequel, though I don't think you will have to have read the first to enjoy it. It's a fun, action-packed, fast-paced adventure where even the bureaucracy is interesting! 5 hoots!



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