Saturday, January 31, 2015

14 by Peter Clines

I have been trying to get this book from my library for at least a year now. It recently became available through inter-library loan and I now know, I HAVE TO BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!

Peter Clines has been one of my favorite authors since I first read Ex-Heroes over a year ago. Clines has an amazing ability to get me to yell at characters, him, and even myself* while reading. I was bouncing around in my reading spot because this book was so intense!

Don't get me wrong, it starts out mundanely enough, just a guy looking for a new, cheap apartment in LA while working a cruddy job. We meet the neighbors and, while there are a few oddities, nothing automatically seems weird or sets you on edge. Despite that, I devoured this book. I had a hundred pages read in no time and easily got lost in the story.** Clines paces the story so that it easily builds up to the action packed scenes without you feeling like you're missing something or that too much is happening all at once.

Probably one of the reasons I love Clines, as an author, is because his dialogue is natural and his characters are so real. Several times they comment about the fact that what they're doing is stupid and make frequent allusions to Scooby-Doo as a running joke amongst them. That's not to say they don't take things seriously. There were several times I was completely creeped out by this book.*** There were a few times where I was completely blindsided by things that were going on and I certainly appreciated a joke from a character or two who had also been blindsided.

I'm still shaky from the adrenaline rush of reading this book. I am buying this book. I recommend you at least read this book as well! 5 Hoots!


*I really should have seen that coming! How did I not put the pieces together?!
**Almost missed my stop while reading on the bus.
***If you don't like cockroaches, DON'T READ THIS BOOK!

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