Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cosmosis by Rainer Rey

Cosmosis by Rainer Rey is a novel about a scientist trying to save the world, Maddie, and a man on a path of vengeance, Jace, and their intertwining quests. Through a lot of heartbreak, action, sweat and tears, Maddie and Jace find themselves on a journey looking for an ancient source of energy, given to mankind by an alien race.

This book made it difficult for me to work my regular 9-5 job because every time I set it down, my brain would nag at me to pick it back up! Even when, after a particular scene* I needed to put the book down, my brain kept telling me "go back! There's more I need to know!" There is so much going on in this book but the pacing of the chapters keeps everything from getting overwhelming. At first I was worried that the constant back and forth chapters between the main characters, Maddie and Jace, would end up irritating, but it really does work for this book.

I found the characters to be very interesting. No one is one-dimensional not even Kit, the annoying ex-boyfriend**. And while there is a good amount of exposition, it is well paced and well spaced. I did kind of worry that the explanations from Jace and his friend Corey were too much for something to be told to the Vacnouver Sheriff, since it was something Corey could not tell the FBI or CIA. However it established the characters as honest people who were simply looking for answers. Each of the characters presented has their own depth, even Hans, who only speaks Swedish and we don't hear from much.

There are times when this book feels like a sci-fi DaVinci Code. You've got a male and female lead character, trying to solve a puzzle given to them by the female's recently deceased relative, the goal of which will change humanity's understanding of the past, and its future. Fortunately Cosmosis has plenty of factors to keep it separate. The puzzles seem a little easy to solve, but they had almost completely been answered by a coalition of scientists by the time Maddie and Jace inherited it.

Overall, Cosmosis is a fun ride that you don't want to put down. I'm looking forward to see how this book does.I give Cosmosis 4 hoots!


*Pg. 186 is all I will say. I really try not to give spoilers.
**Who reminds me so much of my own ex, I wonder if all ex-boyfriends are like him.
***This book was an uncorrected proof provided by Turner Publishing. These facts do not affect my review.

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