Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesdays

Hello Everyone! I've been seeing a few Top Ten Tuesdays lately and decided I'd try to join in as well. Today's Top Ten is TV Shows and Movies. I'm opting to go with my Top Ten Netflix choices. There are the ten movies/shows I always go to when I'm not looking for something new.

1) The Finder
The Finder US poster.jpeg

Starring Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan The Finder is a short-lived series about Walter (Stults) who suffers a head injury in Afghanistan and wakes up with an incredible ability to find things people have considered lost forever. With his friend Leo (Duncan) to help him out, Walter is able to find people, food, even conversations. The reason I fell in love with this show is because of it's humor and charm. It's easy to laugh at and is a lot more fun for people who love crime shows, but hate blood and medical gore. Unfortunately, because the series was not given a second season, the last episode of the series will leave you feeling upset, sad, and even angrier at Fox. Avoid this episode, but revel in the others.

2) The Naked Gun

I have been watching this movie regularly for at least 20 years and I will never tire of it. It has the kind of silliness that is perfect for all ages, even if, as a kid, you don't get why it's so funnier to the adults. Leslie Nielsen plays a detective in Police Squad who upholds the law above all else, including common sense. The man makes so many bumbles it's amazing he hasn't died yet. Which is probably why it's still so funny. Everyone needs a nonsense funny every now and then. 

3) Leverage

Every episode feels like an amazing combination of Oceans 11 and Now You See Me. There is no episode where everything goes as planned and no episode where I can predict what's going happen. Watching the scenes about how they pull of their scams for the good of others is always a delightful treat! I'm still working on finishing season 2, but I'm having a lot of fun!

4) Numbers

I had watched a few episodes of this show before Netflix existed and I enjoyed it. With all of the episodes on Netflix, I am able to watch everything. I originally watched it on Netflix with my husband because he's such a math nut and was looking for something different. We now watch it with my brother-in-law while we eat dinner. We're just now getting to the last season and looking forward to seeing more ways math affects our lives. It's actually pretty funny to see all the ways math can and does affect us. It's even changed up how I see where I sit on the bus!

5) Phineas & Ferb

Okay, I'll admit, I do watch this more for Dr. Doofenshmirtz than I do the title characters. But can you blame me? The man is friggin' hilarious! It's why I'm subscribed to his YouTube channel! Though I do wish he'd put up more videos, I understand how his schedule is probably too busy. I also encourage people with kids to watch the show. It's always encouraging of creativity, curiosity, discovery, etc. And who doesn't love a secret agent platypus?

6) Airplane!

Yes, this is another Leslie Nielsen movie, but I don't see anything wrong with that. This is another zany comedy where nothing has to make sense and the puns never stop. It has my favorite interpretation of a drinking problem.

7) Futurama 

I have to admit, this show is mainly on here because of nostalgia. This was one of  the last TV series my family sat down to watch together before I went off to college and my dad had to go into a nursing home. I still find it funny and it a show that always there for me during college.

8) Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Two little kids trick the Grim Reaper into being their best friend forever. The levels of insanity and silliness in this show reach near critical levels and I love it. I only wish they'd have the Christmas movie and the crossover with the Kids Next Door movie! I WANT MY CROSSOVER!

9) Sherlock

Do I even need to say why this show is so awesome?

10) Scrubs

I actually learned the hard way to never watch this show with a Medical or Pre-Med student. But, if you're ignorant of proper hospital procedure, like me, I think you'll enjoy how human these characters are. The show is almost completely character driven and that's probably why it's so easy to get carried up in their emotions, their stories, etc. 

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