Sunday, March 22, 2015

ASAP Science by Mitchell Moffit & Greg Brown

This was such a fun an education read! I have never been more happy to pre-order a book! Like many early readers of this book, I first learned about it through the authors' YouTube Channel, ASAP Science.* I pre-ordered the book, hoping it would be as much fun to read as their videos were to watch. I was not disappointed!

While a lot of the topics in this book are also covered in their videos, they are still important to read about. I feel like this book plays an important role in bridging a gap for people between science and practically.** ASAP Science uses illustrations and conversational tone to keep everything interesting, light-hearted and informative. And if there was no clear answer*** they said so and easily explained why there was no answer.

The book does have a lot of illustrations so the reading is very quick. Also, while they do deal with topics related to sex and bodily functions, it is kept at about a PG rating.**** And while everything is in a friendly tone, there is still a lot of good information.

I gladly give ASAP Science 5 hoots and encourage everyone to pick up their own copy!


*Which I also highly recommend.
**Or everyday life.
***Labor Pains v Kick to the Balls
****Parents dependent.


  1. Hey Rachel, I'm here to give you feedback on your blog :) I love the purple color scheme and I love that you have the blog posts on a white background. That makes it SO much easier to read!

    I was a little confused by your menu until I clicked on the individual pages. I would maybe make Fluxxdog's Review Policy into Video Game Review Policy? I don't really have a great suggestion on how to fix that!

    I wish you had all of your social media at the top of your sidebar, or at least under your "About Me" section. I know that's where I always look and it's harder to follow people when you can't find them on twitter, facebook, etc. I like that your sidebar is simple, but I'd also like a searchbar and a way to subscribe to your blog. You have a great blog, keep up the good work!

  2. I don't use YouTube, so I'm not familiar with this team, but this sounds exactly like the type of Non-Fiction that I like! I love learning, especially weird science stuff, so I think I'll need to check this out! :D

    Angie @ Pinkindle