Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Undeniable by Bill Nye

I'll be the first to admit, science, especially biological science, was never my strong suit. My highest high school science grade was a B in Physics. This is important for you to know because my biggest praise for this book is how understandable everything is. Nye does an amazing job at keeping this book at a level of comprehension for those of us who do not have strong science backgrounds. Nye is clearly tapping into his presentation skills when writing this book because he is able to go in depth about evolution without causing my eyes to glaze over in boredom. I'll admit, it was still a slow read, but non-fiction always is for me.*

Nye admits that this book was written largely in response to the debate he had with creationist Ken Ham.** But there are several points in the book that Nye says he doesn't see why acceptance of evolution should mean a disregard for one's religion. This is also a sentiment I can appreciate.

I heartily endorse the reading of Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation by Bill Nye, especially as someone who has had problems with science comprehension. It is easy to read and easy to understand. 4 hoots!


*Hence the reason it's been a few weeks since I posted a review.
**Be warned, it's a long, but informative, video.


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  2. I was wondering if this was written in such a way that both the not-so-sciencey and the astro-nuclear-quantum-pysicistologists-etc.would be able to enjoy it. Great review! I do believe I'll grab this one as my next NF read! Thank you!