Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dewey Readathon Plan


It's that time again! One of my favorite holidays of the year: The Dewey 24 Hour Readathon!!!!!!!!!!

I have submitted an idea for a mini-challenge, and received the approval. That will be going live at 8 PM. I'm also hoping to, again, donate a couple of Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards. 

So, here is my proposed schedule for Saturday, April 23:

7 AM - Wake up and prep with a good breakfast.
8 AM - Begin the reading!
12 PM - Walking/exercise, cheering, and update post.
4 PM - Exercise, cheering and update post.
8 PM - Mini-Challenge goes live!!!! 
12 AM - Exercise, cheering and update post.
4 AM - Walking, cheering and update post.
5-6 AM - Switch to comic books and/or webcomics.
8 AM - Sleep!!!!!!!

Seems pretty repetitive, but I can't predict how long it's going to take me to read a book, so I try not to schedule those in. I've added the switch to comics at 5 or 6 AM because, every Readathon, around that time, it becomes virtually impossible for me to read a traditional book. I actually re-read the same sentence 4-5 times last Readathon before I realized what I was doing. 

As far as reading material for the rest of the day, I'm taking part in the #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks challenge, so I'll be working on the books I've set aside that I haven't read yet. I think, for this Readathon, I'll focus on the "classic" books that I've never read but have. This includes Anne Rice's Interview With a Vampire, Terry Pratchett's The Color of Magic and Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. And then I have about an inch and half stack of comic books to be read starting at 5 or 6 AM.

Of course, I am still recovering from health issues. I'm significantly better than I was, but not 100%. Therefore, if Fluxxdog thinks I'm pushing myself too much for my health, he has the authority to "pull the plug". However, I'm also considering throwing in some 15 minute naps here and there. Though I still really want to keep my record of staying awake the full 24 hours going. We'll see what happens.

So, that's my plan for the next Readathon. Hope to see you there!

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