Friday, September 12, 2014

I Bring the Fire Part 1: Wolves by C. Gockel

It really is a rare occasion that I get to read a book that has magic, science, Norse mythology, elves, and dinosaurs. In fact, I think this is the ONLY book I have ever read that has had all of these, especially the dinosaurs part. In fact, dinosaurs in the description and on the cover are what got me to read this book. I do find the tag line on the cover to be misleading, though. At no point do I feel that Loki feels "right at home." Other than that, though, this was a really good read!

In I Bring the Fire, however, we are shown an aspect of Loki's life that makes you root for him to succeed against Odin. Loki is questing to save his wife and sons but in the process saves a mortal, Amy, instead. Amy and her grandmother, Beatrice, end up getting caught up in Loki's attempts at a rescue mission, even going so far as to drive to the castle of the Elf Queen. 

I almost always enjoy a book that breaks apart our preconceived notions of who is a villain. Thanks to Norse mythology, comic books and movies, Loki is not seen as a sympathetic character. However, this book gives us an alternate mythology, where Loki is forced into the role of Mischief Maker by Odin, yet is constantly berated by Odin. It's hard not to feel for this character who is forced to live a life where he is constantly either laughed at or yelled at. Whose first crush falls for his greatest enemy. And all the while, despite everything that happens, manages to make jokes, at his expense or others, the entire time.

Despite all of these elements, some seeming rather random, I feel Gockel did a great job of keeping the story together and keeping it from going over-the-top. There are a couple of questions in my mind, "how can Amy know when guys are hitting on her but not pick up on Loki's innuendo?" "What happened to the Elven couple that wished to study magic?" My hope is that they are answered in the next book...I may settle for the book after that.Goodness knows I'm buying the next book.

This was definitely a delightful read and I am looking forward to the second book! I give I Bring the Fire Part 1: Wolves by C. Gockel 4 out of 5 hoots!


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