Saturday, September 20, 2014

Recipe Review: Soft Chocolate Cookies

I found the original recipe for Soft Chocolate Cookies on I've made this several times before but this time I documented it. I always have a fear that, though I've successfully made a recipe 100 times, there's no guarantee I won't fail the 101st time.

The recipe itself is fairly simple, standard cookie ingredients that mix well together.

I do recommend taking the option of refrigerating the dough if you can keep it safe from wild snackers.* This will make the dough a lot more solid when you go to roll it into balls.

If I had the time, I probably would have gone to the store to get some alternate ingredients to make these cookies healthier. If you're interested, I find that baby food prunes work as a great replacement for butter in chocolate foods. It actually makes them come out more moist. You can also replace eggs with cornstarch to cut out calories and cholesterol. I'll probably go into specifics if I do a review of my Vegan Oatmeal Raisin cookies.**

The resulting cookies look and taste delicious. Fluxxdog and Veonoss both dove right into them. Fluxxdog actually said that they taste like mini-cakes. I made them promise that they will allow some to survive to tomorrow.*** Next time I make them, however, I will either do the previously mentioned substitutions to make them more diet friendly, or I will go the opposite route and try my hand at a peanut butter frosting for them at Fluxxdog's request.**** Or I could go another route and add a 1/2 Cup of Bailey's to the mixture to give them a great flavor.

Overall, this recipe has been a repeated success in my household and can be easily modified to fit desired flavors or just be played around with. I give this recipe 5 hoots and encourage you to try it for yourselves.


*Fluxxdog managed to sneak a "pinch" of dough before dinner.
**The only meal I am willing to eat vegan is dessert.
***We'll see how that goes.
****I'm one of those weird people that absolutely does not like combining peanut butter and chocolate so he was hesitant to request this for next time.

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