Friday, September 12, 2014

Princeless 2: Get Over Yourself by Whitley and Martin

I'll admit, I held off on writing this review because I just didn't get the same OMG! reaction that I did from the first one. But do not take this to mean that this second installment is not great. I had a number of laughs and even more intrigue as the history of this world and King Ash's personal history are explored. The depths to which this world is starting to be explored has left me craving more. I will be stalking the comic book stores around here until the next book is released. 30 minutes after, I will have read the next book and will be stalking them for the fourth book. I'm psychic about these things. Also Whitley and Martin are just so talented! 

So, Princeless 2: Get Over Yourself picks up where the first book leaves off. Princess Adrienne and Bedelia are looking to rescue Princess Angelica, only to find she doesn't want to be rescued. She enjoys being The Beautiful Princess and being the muse for so many artists. Meanwhile, King Ash has enlisted the aid of the greatest knights in his kingdom to kill the "guy" he believes killed Adrienne. This includes his closest friend, the Black Knight who is later seen kidnapping Queen Ashe. 

This book is steeped in world building and intrigue. It is a marvelous continuation of the first book and I am sincerely looking forward to the next one.


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